I haven’t cracked open an actual book in a while. Instead of reading books I’ve been listening to audiobooks. I can fold laundry, prepare dinner, and listen while I’m in the car. I especially love to listen to chicklit and light beach-friendly girly novels. I don’t think I could multitask as much if listened to something that required brain power.

better than I know myself
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My current “read” is Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant’s “Better than I Know Myself”. Have you read it? I love it when I just “discover” a book without any previous knowledge like reviews or recommendations. I was just looking to find a “book” quickly as I was taking a long car trip. This was one of the few interesting titles available for digital download with my public library. The good ones always require holds so I was happy to stumble upon it and then I realized it’s from 2005. That would explain the easy access.

It tells the story of three women from different backgrounds who meet in college and form a strong friendship spanning many years. Girlfriends and life spanning? Yes, please! I’ve just started listening to the post college years and I’ve found myself seeking out more opportunities to hear more.

I only have 21 days — the downside to digital downlaods, no renewals — and then it will magically disappear from my iPad. I’ve lost my space in several books this way and I’ve never bothered to reserve them again.

I shall not let it happen with this one. I need to know what trials and tribulations the ladies will face for the next 20 or more years. It’s always a good sign when you don’t want to let go of the characters. I’ll also be checking out some of their other books.

What are you reading? Any DeBerry and Grant fans? Have you listened to any good books lately?