bad mommy
Bad Mommy

These are V’s words that I am able to decipher
maziwa (milk)

The only sign she knows. We haven’t gone too much further with her signing. So far, we understand each other
The first spoken word I trained her on. Cuts down on a lot of grunting. She uses it when she wants to be picked up or put down.
Heart melty of a word to know. She says the word and then gives the best hug.
night night
So happy that she picked it up and knows what it means. She uses it when she’s ready to nap and when it’s time for bedtime she will say it before turning to her side to sleep. Sometimes she will take her pacifier out, say night night and put paci back in to get back in her sleep groove. Cute!
maji (water)
It’s an obsession. She asks for it all the time. I think breast-milk has moved to her second favorite beverage.
Every time she hands something over she says thank-you as if she’s teaching you manners.
oga (bath)
She chants it every time she’s near the bathroom and on the way to her bath.
Rarely used when around other people or when one of us leaves. Mostly used before oga.
Only said when she hears the crinkling of the package. Her favorite food.
Obviously I’m saying this too much. She’s already picked up on it including a head shake.
Her doll
di di (diaper)
She knows what it is. I can’t wait until she realizes it needs changing. With cloth diapers you may not smell it until you go in and see a flattened…anyways..
uh o
Something falls, shoe comes off, food on her leg gets the uh O
mgongo (back)
Only said around daddy when he’s asking about her body parts in swahili
When I say Violet she says Mama
All the time. No prompting. He doesn’t have to even be around
She likes to kiss and hug Mickey more but only knows how to say Minnie’s name.
Same as cheese. She love her mum-mums.
how u doing?
My favorite. Her uncle has been coaching her on this one. It’s said in the voice of Joey on Friends. I’m not sure she’s using it as a greeting but it’s so funny when she says it.
When did you/your babies start talking? Any interesting first words?