The lovely blazer was purchased for me by GirlGetALife. I didn’t have cash on our thrift date and didn’t want to use my card for a purchase that was roughly $1.50. I love it. I don’t wear a lot of green. I didn’t think it would compliment my skin tone. I was wrong. It’s a great color on me. It’s petite sized so it fits my arms too — a rare occurrence!
The dress has puffy sleeves and an elastic waist. My best guess is that it’s from the 80s. It’s purple. My number one reason for purchasing it is the color. PURPLE!
The belt is a leopard print made with some kind of “hair”. A synthetic pony maybe? You know I have a love of all things animal prints. I absolutely had to pair it with the purple.

I can’t get my camera setting right. I’m very orange-y all the time.
Note to self: Get rid of the mickey mouse box.

I had to change after a couple of hours though. This outfit is not nursing friendly *sad face*. Why yes I am still nursing. When is she going to give it up?

What are your colors? Do you incorporate it into your style regularly?

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