I found these buttery soft Nordstrom loafers last week at the Salvation Army. They were $2. The color wasn’t my favorite but I loved how soft the leather felt and they were in really good condition.
While I was thinking of what I could do to spruce them up, I found and re-pinned these Steve Madden Loafers. They became my inspiration. I went to Blick, bought fabric paint pens (plus some other goodies) and went to work.
I still have some tweaking to do and mistakes to correct. I think they are super awesome though. They add a bit of interest to the mom uniform. I will be trying this again, maybe zebra print next time!

Any animal print fans out there?
And in related news: I’ve created my own disinfection system for the un-washable thrift items. Sunshine (uv rays); a disinfecting spritz (mineral deodorant spray, lemon juice, vinegar, and cheap vodka); 15 mins in dryer with a dryer sheet (cloth only). Works great!
How do you clean/disinfect your thrifty finds?