It’s winter and it’s cold. My normal indoor windy, cold day attire is a colorful thrifted velour robe but who wants to see that? They are so warm and cozy though and total man repellent. He insist they are the belongings of deceased elderly women and it creeps him out. It’s also not easy to just get up and go if I decide to venture out.
In my attempt to look presentable, I wore a leopard button up for awesomeness, green batwing sweater for warmth (green is now what of my favorite colors), leggings for comfort, and boots with thick socks to keep the toes warm. All thrift items. The boots are a pretty recent purchase. They’re Steve Madden. Real leather with some really bad stains. Also, they’re a size bigger than I normally wear. I’ve been searching for tall flat boots for some time. These aren’t quite what I had in mind but they will do for now. How do I repair them? Dye them darker? What do I use?

leggingIn sort of related news, last week’s thrifting was out. of. control. I spent $68 dollars. That may be a record. I will say, I left with 19 items including a Gucci dress, brand new You by Crocs wedge boots (trust me they’re cute!) for myself. Purple Timberland boots, and a brand new with tags jacket/snowpant set for Violet. Not bad but it felt like a fortune once everything was rung up! I went a little crazy at the 50% sale.
Ever get caught up in a sale and overspent? What’s the most you ever spent thrifting? What did you get?
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