I love the sweater. I love the boots. Together with this skirt? A slight thumbs up. Only because I’m showing a little leg. I don’t remember the last time so much of it was on display. Hello, Winter.
It’s hard for me to accept this but I don’t have any sequins or sparkles in my closet. I’m shocked. Are you? I must go back to the thrift store and rectify that immediately! I thought this sweater had kind a festive fun look to it. It’s blue with gold threads running through it turning it kind of greenish. There’s also a ruffly collar, puffy sleeves and a peplum. I dig peplums.
The boots are new. They have no wear on the soles. You can’t see it in the picture but they have a wedge as do the majority of my boots. They’re You by Crocs and super comfy. They are going to look so much better with jeans or leggings.
The skirt isn’t thrifted but it was a cent. I went shopping in a mall the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This is one of the items I got as a part of a “buy one, get one for a penny” deal.
So I’m all dressed up and we didn’t get out. It’s so dark and dreary. I have one gift to get and I of course I am waiting until the very last minute. I am likely to regret this decision.
The box behind me are V’s gift from her grandmother. It’s inching in on my “backdrop”.
closer look at the collar and fabric weave
Click for an even closer look.
Do you wear festive clothing for holidays? Got any sparkle in your closet?

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