A Thrift Adventure Story
I spotted a very nice pair of classic tan leather boots. I could tell they were of good quality. They reminded me of Frye boots. I prayed that they would fit even though they were a whole size smaller than my feet. A thrift poacher spotted me. Asked me what size I wear? What size the boots were? She WAITED while I struggled with them. I couldn’t get them on *sad face*. I handed the boots over to her defeated and walked away. The end.
What I Wore
I got all dressed up “Momfitted” up and went nowhere. I was ready to take V to a meetup at Kookaburra Play Cafe but nap time was approaching and I also had diapers to wash, clothes to fold, straitening up to do so that I stay on my schedule.
When I’m in the house I wear a lot of sweatpants, scrubs, and thrifted 80s velour robes. I was pleased with my looks so I kept this on. At least I was ready just in case I had an unexpected visitor. 🙂
The thrifted items are the sweater and multi colored top. I bought the grey sweater last weekend in a haul costing $23 for 12 items including a St. John’s Knit cardi, a turqoise leather skirt, and a banana republic velvet pants.
It’s a super soft sweater and it’s petite sized so it fits my arm length really well. I assumed it was a cropped style but maybe it’s just made for a shorter torso. I am looking for more sweaters to add to my wardrobe. I have some really cute blouses but I need another layer (or three) with the Chicago hawk!
The top is cropped in the front, normal length in back, oversized with dolman sleeves. I didn’t realize the front was belly exposing until I got it home. There’s no way I’m exposing that area so I added some coverage underneath. I googled the brand — Green Envelope Los Angeles and discovered that’s how it’s worn in website pictures too. Why didn’t they just make a full top? I believe I paid $1.99 for it and it was brand new so I can live with the tummy exposure.

Ohhh, now I remember why I don’t smile for the camera.


Ever have someone stalk your purchases? Have you done the stalking? When you’re at home do wear clothes you would wear outside?

Btw, I have a a vintage Versace women’s suit and a Coach briefcase listed (so far) on eBay. Check it out here. Thanks!