This Rachel by Rachel Roy snakeskin print jersey dress was my birthday outfit last year and this year I whipped through Fashion Fest pushing V in a stroller. I didn’t think I could wear it as an everyday casual given the bold print but once I put it on with flats it felt pretty tame. Also, it’s really comfortable. The fabric is like a soft, cozy extra worn t-shirt.
wearing a jersey knit dress
casual jersey knit dress style

Thrift a Jersey Knit Dress

Jersey knits aren’t created equal. Look for a thicker knit.
Pick up a cheap slip too for an extra layer and thickness for a thinner knit.

Examine knit fabric thoroughly for pilling, stretching, and stains. Pay special attention to polyester pits.
Jersey knits don’t unravel so if you have scissors and half a DIY spirit, you can chop off some sleeves or shorten the length on a thrifted dress.
Be sure to read the washing instructions. A silk jersey knit doesn’t necessarily have a “silky” feel. You don’t want to accidently put in the washing machine. Trust me.
draped snakeskin print dress

Jersey Knit Dress Style

For a curve hugging jersey dress, wear flat shoes for a toned down more casual look.
Bring the jersey dress to siren level with stilettos.
Be especially mindful of undergarments. Jersey knit has the ability to expose the lumpage and bumpage.
Wear with a jean jacket or a blazer for more coverage.
Use a belt for added shape or to accentuate your waistline.
curvy figure dress ideas
THRIFT Rachel by Rachel Roy snakeskin print jersey knit dress – brass bangles – vintage sunglasses RETAIL gold studded belt GIFT Kenyan beaded sandals
jersey dress style ideas
Where do you wear jersey knit dresses?
how to wear a jersey knit dress
***in other news***
Do any shopping on National Thrift Store Day? I did. My favorites was a really old, beat up but beautiful vintage beaded clutch and a gold twist front peplum top that doesn’t really have hanger appeal but looked great when I put it on.
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