I had a bit of thrift binge last week and went shopping 2 days last week! One of my finds is this blue jewel tone wrinkled dress. It definitely caught my eye with it’s vibrant hue. Elastic waist and ruffles? Yes and yes.

LC Lauren Conrad dress
It’s a dropped waist too. I like dropped waists because they actually hit me at my natural waist whereas most elastic waistlines hit just under my bustline.

Found it on a 50% off day so it was $3.50!

I threw it in the cart even though I wasn’t sure of how it was going to look on me. It’s a junior’s line and it’s 2 sizes bigger than my normal size. It’s also sleeveless and I have a fat arm issue.
Kohls LC Lauren Conrad dress
When it comes to thrift shopping though, grab what you like and sort it out later. You may choose to leave it behind before checkout but at least it’s safe in your cart. Someone else may have their eye on it too.
Kohls LC Lauren Conrad dress
For example, I was looking through the wallets and saw a Gucci one that matched the thrifted bag. I was checking out the details on random wallet before seeing what Gucci was about (real, fake, condition, etc). As I was putting random wallet in its proper place, a vulture woman with eagle eyes and sharp claws scooped Gucci wallet even though my hand was about an inch from it.
Kohls LC Lauren Conrad dress
Moral of the story. Grab now. Sort the details later.
Kohls LC Lauren Conrad dress
Anyway, I have this lovely and a few other nice pieces so I’m still a happy girl. Spring hasn’t actually sprung over this way so I wore it with 2 pairs of tights and the military jacket with the awesome details.
Kohls LC Lauren Conrad dress
THRIFT Verdi vintage purple clutch – LC Lauren Conrad dress – Allen B military jacket – gold tone belt as necklace last worn as a bracelet RETAIL black tights – crochet tights – Betsey Johnson booties
In other news, I won a scholarship to attend SoFabCon! I was so excited to hear my name in the announcement video that I startrd screaming and scared the crap out of Violet! 
I’m looking forward to meeting some of my fellow bloggers, learning, and experiencing my very first blog conference!
Congratulations to Brook who won the Shutterfly giveaway! Be on the lookout for another giveaway coming in early April.


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