We finally had our first date sans V over the weekend. I had a great time. We went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes. SN: any fans out there? I love the movies and tv show. After, we had a leisurely lunch at Zapatista. We don’t normally have too many problems dining out with V, it still felt good to just relax, have some drinks, talk to each other and not have to entertain La Baby.

We will have to add a “no babies allowed” day to our regular schedule. We’ll also need to recruit some more day sitters. She wore my sister out with her crying. Now I know I’m not overreacting when I say this girl can keep the water works going.
When we dropped her off she started to get clingy. I think she could smell our escape plan. We took an extra long time saying goodbye. When we returned about 5 hours later, she had tears in her eyes. Sucky sucks. She was also very excited to see us. She talked all the way home even though we had a long drive so close to her bedtime.
I hope she will adjust with time. I’d hate to think I was subjecting her to mini torture sessions while we’re out kicking it.
Pulled out my thrift store duds and my “night time” makeup.
Do you make time for dates/alone time? How does it work with your little ones?