The truth shall set you free……
I’m breastfeeding in a lot of the photos I take of myself.
I once sent a secret admirer email to a co-worker.
90% of the time, I walk around the house with at least 1 boob exposed.
I’m tired of breastfeeding.
I’m tired of pumping.
The weight on my drivers license is about 15 pounds off (I know I’m not the only one.)
I’ve flashed passing cars on the expressway.
I have 726 subscriptions in my two google readers.
If I were sober when I met Him, we probably would have never gotten together.
My daughter’s name has a connection to my father that most family members don’t know.
I have been meaning to write my cousin in jail for at least 6 months but I don’t know what to say.
I like going to non-english as a first language countries because I have an excuse for not talking to people.
I rely on liquid courage in a lot of social situations.
Get it off your chest. What do you want to confess?