I love grey for its neutral powers. You can wear it with blacks or browns and all other colors. I can’t think of a single color that doesn’t go well with grey.
I wear these all the time in winter hence all the scuffing. They need a good clean and condition. One day….
The heel is not to high so I can run car errands in them. Last week I wore them for a short walk to the library with Violet. I can say for sure. Errand running, car only. My feet took a beating.
I love the slightly rounded pointy toe too. When I bought these they were kind of unique. Pointy toes were in that year and pointy toes make my feet very sad. Nice blend of both worlds. The leather is soft so they have some give and they are taking on the shape of my toes making them more comfortable every year.
Another reason I love this shoe is they fit my calves well. No gap. Hurrah!
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