Earlier in the week, I attended The Beauty Sample Sale. I had my nails painted a metallic orange with a gold glitter over it. I really wanted a glitter blue polish but the technician was really trying to steer me away from it. I think she thought I would hate it and she would have to redo it.

She made a good choice though. Orange IS my color. I’m going to try and recreate it with polishes I have on hand. No idea what the polish names are but I believe they are Orly brand.


While I was there, I ate a couple of these plus some other passing treats. These cupcakes were delicious. They went well with….


the yummy wines. I tried the pinot grigio, the moscato, and the cabernet sauvignon. I will definitely be checking them out in the store.


Nails done. Food devoured. Wine sipped. Now it’s time for….

Yeah, no. I wanted to but I just watched these amazingly talented women.
I ended my night with…
make up
a little makeover. I really just wanted to try out the foundation but I agreed to full face. I left looking a bit drag queenish. That is why this picture is in b&w and heavily airbrushed. Trust me. So much better this way.

I received some nice goodies to take home too! This was my kind of momcation. Food, drinks, freebies, and home by 10.

make up

In unrelated news, I’m this Friday’s Fit Momma on Fit Mama V’s blog. Check it out!