I had another great thrift haul at Goodwill.  My $5 birthday gift arrived and I ventured out to a location I hadn’t been to since last year. Remember the jumpsuit turned romper? SN: This was probably the beginning of many photo bombs from Ms. Violet. 

My haul this year was small but mighty. I love finding designer brands for basically pennies. Naturally, I spent more than $5 but I did manage to stay under $20. Five bucks at a thrift store can take you far. Am I right?

thrifted rare coach derby bagI don’t regularly shop Goodwill because the stores aren’t very close to me and the prices used to be higher than my local thrift stores. Prices have gone up in the locals so I guess it’s just a location thing now. My thrift haul has me thinking I need to venture out to the fancier neighborhoods more often. There’s less competition. I went off-peak hours and the store was practically empty plus I scored some nice designer pieces. It was well worth the trip.

vintage purple polka dot skirt and vintage coach bag

The Northbrook Goodwill’s bag collection was awesome. I had 5 (or more) in my cart when I spotted the vintage off white Coach purse. After some deep discussion with my inner hoarder, I put the other ones back. It was pricier than I normally like to pay but whatever. It’s my birth month. I’m poppin’ tags..under $20. I love the victorian inspired shape of it and the brass hardware. A cream Coach Derby bag on  Etsy will set you back a couple of hundred. This one is missing the leather wrap on one end of the strap. Barely noticeable though.

thrifted vintage balmain walletI checked out the clutches and wallets too. I picked up a dainty little wallet because bows make me squeal. I love sweet details on leather. I looked a little closer at the emblem and my eyes got big! Pierre Balmain.  The french fashion house, Balmain! Say what?

leather blue wallet with a bow found at goodwill

My last thrifted purchases were found in the jewelry section. I love the unique honeycomb shape of this set of 6 bangles. I bought another set of bangles but decided against wearing them all even though I do love the jingle jangle of a good wrist soiree.

thrifted honeycomb shaped bangle bracelets

You like? Maybe I’ll give it to you because….this. is. a. thrift haul giveaway in honor of

1. my blog redesign
2. my domain name change
3. my birthday

There will be 3 winners this time around! Complete the rafflecoptor form below to win one or all! There’s only 1 mandatory entry but a comment would be appreciated so I know which prize you are most interested in.

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Shopped Goodwill and had a designer accessories haul

THRIFT Old Navy tee – purple tattan 80s wrap belt – vintage a-line polka dot skirt – 80s Foster Grant sunglasses – vintage Coach purse – bangles RETAIL Kenneth Cole Reaction peeptoe pumps