During the pregnancy period, most of the womens get stretch marks in their belly and it indicates that the skin is stretching to accommodate as baby grows. It occurs mainly due to putting more weight quickly while pregnant. The stripes that occur at the time of pregnancy were described in the medical term as striae gravidarum.

The pregnancy stretch mark appears in pink, red, purple or brown as it depends and it occurs on the abdomen also in breasts, thighs and buttocks even it may appear on upper arms. Genetics plays a vital role in the occurrence and appearance of stretch mark while depending on the skin type the visibility of the mark depends. Even the stretch mark will be more visible after pregnancy. The stretch mark can appear due to various reasons but no need to worry about it as can prevent from getting these marks by making use of the possible ways.

When the pregnancy stretch mark does appear?

When undergoing the time of pregnancy you may not know when the pregnancy stretch mark appear as it is not same for everyone whereas it differs according to the person. While the stretch mark usually occurs when gaining weight during pregnancy also to adapt the growing baby and uterus as well. In such situation the pregnancy stretch mark will be visible whereas most of them used to get these mark at the second trimester of pregnancy while some may notice it during last few weeks of third trimester. Based on the changes of hormones and other genetic reactions are happening in the body will leads to occurring of these stripes in the body. Yet it can be prevented from developing through following the preventive measures for it.

What are the ways to prevent the pregnancy stretch mark?

The pregnancy stretch mark can’t be prevented completely but there are ways to reduce the risks of getting them and helps to low their appearance as well. When being pregnant it is necessary to keep the weight gain rate in moderate level as gaining more weight quickly causes the appearance of stretch mark. It is better to gain weight gradually through following a pregnancy health diet plan which will be helpful for it. It is good to follow a diet which includes more skin-nourishing foods like vegetables that consist of antioxidants also add the ingredients that are rich in Vitamin E and there should be intake of plenty of protein.

Besides, it is necessary to drink more water and need to follow the pregnancy exercise in proper and regular. It is better to avoid much exposure to the sun. To prevent this pregnancy stretch mark can make use of creams or oil which is specially made for it as they helps to hydrate the skin and prevents from itching as well. Through using such cream can keep the skin soft, supple and stretch mark-free.

Can You Prevent Stretch Mark During Pregnancy

What are the things need to consider while choosing the pregnancy stretch mark cream?

To prevent the stretch mark that occurs during pregnancy can be faded away through making use of stretch mark cream for pregnancy or oil. While shopping stretch mark need to have some considerations because at the time of pregnancy skin will be more sensitive so have to prefer the cream which is good to use.

Choose the cream or oil based on the skin type. Pick the cream that is made using good quality formula which should have moisturizing properties that supports to prevent itchiness. Also consider the ingredients used in the cream whereas it is better to select the cream that consists of natural ingredients. Use the cream that is hypoallergenic so that can avoid the risk of allergic reaction. Go for the cream which is safe and easy to use and mainly the two things need to keep in mind while buying the cream are fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients that ensures safety. Having such considerations helps to shop the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy to use. It is good to consult the doctor before getting the stretch mark cream as they provide better suggestions.

What are the best stretch mark creams to use?

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

This cream is specially made for pregnant women and mothers to nourish the belly before and after pregnancy. This cream is used to make silky-smooth and soft the skin by naturally hydrating as they include many ingredients to give better result. They also help to recover the skin after pregnancy as they used 99% natural belly butter which offers relief and comfort to the stretched skin. It is a fragrance-free lotion so it won’t affect the sensitive nose while pregnant. Their formula will not cause any irritation and the cream created with only healthy ingredients which are not harmful.

Body Merry’s Stretch Marks

It is a best choice for pregnant women to get rid of stretch marks as it help to reduce the stretch marks if it is already present. If there is no stretch mark also can make use of it as it supports well to prevent from the stretch marks that appear. It is made by the customized blend of high quality and natural ingredients that helps in moisturizing the skin. They have been formulated to provide intense hydration. The formula of this product is gentle and powerful as well. This cream has rich texture so that it quickly spread and easily also it absorb in seconds. It includes many vitamins and antioxidants also it is safe to use for any type of skin.

Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy

This cream has been tested clinically and proven that it is safe to use during pregnancy for preventing stretch marks. It is paraben-free and this nourishing cream formula were create by combining unique blend of ingredients also by adding cephalin, hyaluronic acid and Centella Asiatica plant extract. Even this cream can be used after pregnancy also to get relief of stretch marks easily and consult with your doctor before start using the product.