Violet walks like Fred Sanford. I googled “fred sanford walk” and discovered this is pretty common for the new walker.
I’m still thinking about the delicious brunch Girl Get A Life hosted in her home. Girl put her foot in it!

foodI need to update my vision board. Some visions have happened (I have an iPad) and some I’m no longer interested in (Paris? meh, not this year).

I have to start writing down my brilliant ideas *Blair Warner hair flip*. My memory is bad and I’m constantly remembering I had an idea but no idea what it was.
I made a vegan pizza with Daiya cheese that was so good. It’s the best vegan cheese out there, in my opinion.
I’m hosting a BzzAgent* Black Box Wines and a Houseparty* Sabre party. I would like to do them on the same day and make it a crafting event.
I recently won 2 Eversave** giveaways. The first one was through their FB page. I won 2 “saves” for Fabulous Nails and the 2nd one was on a giveaway hosted by Baby Shopaholic for $20 in Save rewards.
I can’t stop thrifting. I bought an ice cream maker for $7! Note to self: Turn this love into a hustle.

Newest thrift find

I joined TaskRabbit* after seeing them on the news. There’s a video interview if you want to be a Runner. That makes me nervous. I’m not comfortable talking into the camera or being interviewed but I must hustle.
*not affiliate links but if I were signed up, they totally would be!
**the link is to my referral link because I’m in hustle mode. You will receive a $3 credit if you are new to Eversave.

What random thoughts are going through your head?

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