We need to get out more. I haven’t gone to a meetup in a while because it seems V picks up a cold after then she will give it to Him. Baby cold and man cold? No thanks. I think it’s making her a real Clingy McClinggenbottom though.
I went to the funeral of a family member last week and really liked that the service truly celebrated her life.
Totally slacking on workouts.
I watched Dogtooth yesterday. Wow. I have never seen anything like it. If you like weird, watch this one!

V can’t be clingy when I take her for a ride in the stroller. Getting ready to go out is a hassle though. Me taking a shower and putting on clothes is obviously too long for us not to touch.
Last night I went on strike and didn’t feed V from 11p to 5a. Rough. Night.
Purchased unsweetened coconut milk for the first time. It’s much more “milk” like than almond. It’s my new favorite thing!
I sweat more while breastfeeding than when I workout. Aren’t the breastfeeding flashes suppose to stop after a couple of months?
I followed my blog while playing around and now I can’t figure out how to unfollow myself.
Short naps of 30 – 40 minutes returned but right now she’s been asleep for over an hour. Babies!
I’m in the mood for white wine even though I prefer reds.
Reading books on my iPad is great. I can read in bed without turning on a light!
I’m looking forward to V’s first road trip. Hope all goes well and I don’t forget to bring anything.
Showers while V is napping from now on. She fell twice in the bathroom trying to get in the shower with me. Too many things to bang her head on.