Month: July 2011

Baby Sign Language - Maziwa!

Baby Sign Language – Maziwa!

Ms. V’s first signing word is………Milk! Is that a surprise? I’m not sure she knows to ask for it by making the symbol but she does know Maziwa (swahili for milk) is equal to the sign for milk. Awwwww. I love her. Signing Mamas, is this how it works? I’ve been directing her to the

Nail Polish Love - The 80s Called.....png

Nail Polish Love – The 80s Called….

Great color but I had to apply 3 coats and it still wasn’t very opaque. Extremely light and watery. It chipped and lifted within a day because of all the coats I had on. I really want this to work. I love it! Next time I will add a thicker polish underneath.

Brain Dump II

Brain Dump II

We need to get out more. I haven’t gone to a meetup in a while because it seems V picks up a cold after then she will give it to Him. Baby cold and man cold? No thanks. I think it’s making her a real Clingy McClinggenbottom though. I went to the funeral of a family member