Birthday morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

She loves

Daddy – of course, he’s still the rock star and she goes bananas when he walks through the door.dancing – she’s so excited about standing and moving. She wildly wave her arms around and bounces up and down to the beat of her own drum.
books – Petting Farm is still her favorite book.
hugs – she is very free with the hugs. She hugs us and all her toys. Kisses? Not so much.

She sleeps
We started a new routine about 4 weeks ago that has been working pretty well (except for last night). I dreamfeed her before I go to bed between 10:30 and 11p and then no feedings again until 5a which has really turned out to be around 4:30a. I can live with that. She did have 2 or 3 rough nights of crying. We just comforted her and offered her water. So she basically sleeps from 7p to 4:30a. Most of the time she will go back for another hour of sleep. Next step is to get her to 6a and maybe even 7a!
Her naps have gone back to under an hour. I have found that if I bewb her and lay down with her, she will go back to sleep and I have embraced this technique because I  could certainly use more sleep!
She eats
She eats very well for Him but for me? Meh. She’s rather I just breast-feed her. I give her finger foods. I feed her with a spoon. In the highchair, crouched on the floor, standing. I just can’t seem to get her to take in much food unless it’s the Ella’s Kitchen purees — her favorite food.

She communicates
Upppa. Up. Up. This is her word for the month. She still likes to be held A LOT. I hear Uppa. Up. Up. a gajillion times a day. Cooking and bathroom time are the worst.
She can identify her ears in English and Swahili, her tongue in swahili, and her belly and toes in English.

She walks?

Not yet. She’s taken 1 complete step 3 days ago. She hasn’t made another attempt since. She just does a lot of bouncing/dancing.

What are your babies (even if they’re 18+) up to?