That awkward moment when you try to resume life as usual but you still feel like shit and then it starts to rain. Surely a sign to go back to the cave. I’m sharing tales of thrift with you, an all thrift outfit, and V’s supreme photo bomb. Enjoy!

blue tribal floral print 80s skirt

If I could trade lives with someone, I would want to be Hamish Bowles and travel the world looking for vintage finds. I will definitely be watching the Vogue web series.
Shon Valdry (aka Sunflower Mama Chronicles) went to her very first clothing swap. Some bumps but she scored a few goodies.
10 tales of thrift because I don't feel well
So the Modcloth founder, Susan Gregg Koger, was a thrift and vintage fiend who turned that love into a $100 million dollars a year business. Inspired.
I sold my favorite Coach purse on Etsy. I loved it but I hardly ever wore it and I need to make money. Pre-K is not cheap!
More thrift tips if you need them.
Olivia Lane rocked her quirky and wore a cute vintage head scarf.
Toms floral wedge shoes
I won a $25 ThredUp credit and was the Thrifters Anonymous member of the week on Shana’s Colorblind blog.
A friend turned me on to Nebraska’s Junk Jaunt and I totally want to go. Anyone else?  C’mon let’s do it! Think about it. No pressure but seriously email me if you want to go.
I think I’ve found a new thrifting BFF . She turns trash into treasure. I want her to be my IRL friend. Maybe she wants to go to the Junk Jaunt!
thrifted toms wedge floral peep toe
I finally washed my thrift haul from last Saturday’s Thriftanista ThriftUp. I Instagramed some of my favorites – a church lady gold foil twist top, a vintage beaded clutch and these randoms.
By the time you read this, I hope to be healed and hitting up estate sales.
Later, folks.
thrifted 80s skirt
THRIFT vintage Caro earrings – white bead necklace – Mossimo white tee – tropical print 80s a-line skirt – Tods floral wedges
my kid with locs forming being weird