What Should I Look for When Buying a Crib

What Should I Look for When Buying a Crib?

Parents welcome the baby with all love and surprise with whoever is first promoted to the parenthood. Parents wonder whether they should let their children sleep together. Sleeping separately creates a habit of independence. In modern life, the traditional crib is no longer suitable, or it is difficult to find a baby cradle. Parents should buy

How to Wash Newborn Hair

How to Wash Newborn Hair

At different stages, mothers have different shampooing skills for children to encourage their children to enjoy bathing. Children 0 – 3 months old At this stage, babies are quite weak and can not sit on the sink or stand to bathe. Especially children from 0 to 3 months of age, the neck is not hard, so

Newborn Belly Button Care

Newborn Belly Button Care

The process of umbilical cord loss in newborns depends on location, health, and hygiene. Taking care of the umbilical cord immediately after birth and the first days after birth is effective in preventing umbilical cord infection. Right after your baby is born Clean the baby’s belly button After birth, the umbilical cord will be clamped

Can You Prevent Stretch Mark During Pregnancy.png

Can You Prevent Stretch Mark During Pregnancy?

During the pregnancy period, most of the womens get stretch marks in their belly and it indicates that the skin is stretching to accommodate as baby grows. It occurs mainly due to putting more weight quickly while pregnant. The stripes that occur at the time of pregnancy were described in the medical term as striae

Style File expresso brown No nonsense leggings

Style File: expresso brown No nonsense leggings

This post brought to you by No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine. Recently, I received another pair of No nonsense tights and leggings to try out. This time both were in a very neutral shade of Espresso. Coincidently, the brown ribbed tights that were sent to me are exactly the same of the pair I bought in

DIY Whipped Body Butter

DIY Whipped Body Butter

I whipped up a few batches of body butter to give as gifts over the holidays. I hadn’t made a batch since V was teeny, tiny and attached to me most of the time. That was almost 2 years ago! This time around I made body butters with one dominant butter in different colors and I

Style File Betsey Johnson boots under $20

Style File: Betsey Johnson boots under $20

Do you like my boots? Guest how much I paid for them? $19.91! Nope, not thrifted this time. I got a really good deal on Amazon. These Betsey Johnson boots were the last pair of this style listed at the sale price of $44 plus I cashed in some points with Crowdtap for a $25 code. SN: As

Baby Sign Language - Maziwa!

Baby Sign Language – Maziwa!

Ms. V’s first signing word is………Milk! Is that a surprise? I’m not sure she knows to ask for it by making the symbol but she does know Maziwa (swahili for milk) is equal to the sign for milk. Awwwww. I love her. Signing Mamas, is this how it works? I’ve been directing her to the

Nail Polish Love - The 80s Called.....png

Nail Polish Love – The 80s Called….

Great color but I had to apply 3 coats and it still wasn’t very opaque. Extremely light and watery. It chipped and lifted within a day because of all the coats I had on. I really want this to work. I love it! Next time I will add a thicker polish underneath.

Brain Dump II

Brain Dump II

We need to get out more. I haven’t gone to a meetup in a while because it seems V picks up a cold after then she will give it to Him. Baby cold and man cold? No thanks. I think it’s making her a real Clingy McClinggenbottom though. I went to the funeral of a family member

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